An accomplished team
Hampstead Park is the result of a close collaboration between the highly celebrated Bewise Property Group, INPG, ClarkeHopkinsClarke and Adele Bates


As a Melbourne property developer, Bewise has a long history of local developments and holds a strong reputation for creating better communities and places for future living. With a focus on considered projects that achieve more than just a project delivery. Bewise have a passion for innovative projects that better contribute to our future cities and communities.


INPG is a multi-disciplinary property group with expertise covering the development lifespan. With industry skills spanning across project management, sales & marketing through to development advisory and funds management, our holistic capabilities ensure minimised risk and maximised returns for our clients.

INPG’s unique offering lies within our ability to leverage the knowledge of our industry leaders and internal capabilities balanced by a handpicked group of consultants enabling a dynamic approach to managing complex projects. We believe that successful development outcomes are brought about by collaboration with a knowledgeable team of stakeholders through every step of the journey.


The Hampstead Park townhouses are designed by the award-winning ClarkeHopkinsClarke architectural practice. This expert team is renowned for its commitment to creating sustainable, cultural, economic and liveable spaces where communities thrive together.

Adele Bates

The interiors for Hampstead Park are designed by the celebrated Adele Bates, a studio know for its high quality aesthetic and attention to detail. This acclaimed design practice uses durable and sustainable materials that look and feel exceptional, creating a rare intersection of beauty and practicality.


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